Distinguished Referee

Wednesday, 1 January 2020 10:13

I received a nice certificate from EPL as Distinguished Referee. Reviewing articles as anonymous referee is part of our job as scientist which we do mostly voluntary. Since it is anonymous, it is hardly visible and little credit is given to this type of work. Still, doing a good review not seldom cost more than a day of work. If you are critical, you might get nasty responses from the authors, though usually we scientists try to remain polite. In conclusion, reviewing is not the most rewarding task that we need to fulfil: "It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it!"

It is therefore nice to get this recognition. In 2019 I only did one review for EPL, but it was a review that took several rounds. The discussion between me and the authors was, in my opinion constructive and was about some fundamental flaws that appeared in the initial drafts of the paper, which lead to further analysis of earlier publications having the same flaw. I therefore hope that my review not only improved the manuscript, but also put more awareness of some fundamental issues to the authors who could now make the same point if they have to review other manuscripts that fall into the same trap.

Apparently, the editorial board of EPL had been following the discussion and decided to grant me this purely symbolic, but well appreciated, certificate.